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Sneep29's News

Posted by Sneep29 - April 24th, 2009

Leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

I am a faggot!

Posted by Sneep29 - March 17th, 2009

Hi uncle phil


Posted by Sneep29 - March 14th, 2009



Posted by Sneep29 - February 25th, 2009

I hate Naruto Faggots. Examples for the clueless: Anything that has to do with naruto or naruto faggots in general. Your comments are welcome, except for naruto faggots. Do not argue with me, otherwise you will make both you and I (but it will greatly effect you rather having more power on me) look like idiots. If I see your page after a rude comment telling me I am wrong, I know that they will either have alot of gay movies and game's saved to their favorite feature, or you will have a very huge gay selection of horrible flash's that have to do with gay naruto, or in general gay anime flash's.

Posted by Sneep29 - February 17th, 2009


Posted by Sneep29 - February 15th, 2009

This is the best video ever made, and you shall all bow down to it. (Just for you idiots, there is a song at about 1:49, if you think that it's only a guy talking)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dM8UZv VN7M

This is a enlightment for people who do not know who Felix the Cat is, or his background history.

The man in the video is the son of Joe Oriolo (Don Oriolo), who had created the 1950's cartoon, Felix the Cat cartoon, which was the first ever Felix the Cat show (Notice that it says show, not cartoon). Joe Oriolo had obtained the rights for Felix the Cat through Otto Mesmer (Deceased now (obviously)) who had originally created Felix the Cat. I know the whole controversy, that there is a really, really small chance that this might not be true, as Pat Sullivan had made statements saying he had created Felix the Cat, when he only owned the rights through Otto Mesmer. Soon, Pat Sullivan went through a deep depression through the failure of Felix the Cat's "EPIC FAIL", as Felix the Cat did not do as well as his Silent Era counter part (When he had gone through sound). Later, because of completely out of control issues, (wife dying and alcoholic problems) he had later died in 1933. Later Otto Mesmer had gained the rights to Felix, through some help with friend's lawyers. By reaching Otto Mesmer later on, some other "Guy" tried to bring Felix back, but failed. The Studio was called Van Bueren Studios. Mesmer just kept on pursuing his Sunday Comics. Soon, Joe Oriolo Struck a deal (after taking over for Mesmer's Sunday Comics) when he purchased the rights from Pat Sullivans nephew, so he can begin a new cartoon. It was basically Felix the Cat's triumphant come back, and had did very successful. Joe added all sorts of new ideas to Felix's already bizarre world, but scrapped some old ones. He added his Magic Bag of Tricks. Also, along with new characters such as The Master Cylinder, PointDexter, The Professor, and others. When Joe had Unfortunately passed away, his son Don Oriolo, had took over of creative production for Felix. He had contributed the Theme song for "The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat". Not much has been done with the cat nower days. Now, fans must wait, for something new to come out with Felix the Cat's face on it. Hopefully it will do good, but there's a chance that it could also do very regrettably bad. There is also other cartoons that have been created with Felix. (Suprisingly, an Japanese animated cartoon actually surfaced back in 2004, and was popular...)

Posted by Sneep29 - February 2nd, 2009

Superman came to my house last week, and guess what he said. Only one with out sin shall cast horrible punishment upon the badness that is "bad people". So I told him that I was like, "Nah, it's
alright." I have way better things to do than back hand someone that deserves it. No one really responded to my post from a secret newgrounds account earlier though. I gave it about 5 minutes, and still no comment. You guys really don't travel far from newground blogs. If you are reading this one, cheers. The best rant/blog has just reached your precious little eyeballs. All of you reign doubt upon me, but is me that will shine upon glory's ending. You all doubt lots of people: Albert Einstien... Will you know that list isn't that long, but it is long enough for me to write about, because this is America. This is America damnit! This is the country that our founding fathers established and created with their tears, blood and sweat. For someone to shatter that beautiful glory shall be ashamed of themselves, and live completely in guilt, and embarrasment. I am no perfect person, but there should be no one to attack anyone for what they have done wrong. Yes, there shall be consequences, but that person should not be doubted on the account of what they done. No where does it say, "If a man has hurt someone, they must not recide here". No! They will be given the honor of doing a hard days work for a decent amount of money. That man who has worked will go home not with money, or sweat; He shall go home with PRIDE! So I ask you Super Man, do you think I am right for the job. He told me: "There will be others waiting for my appearance, as I slowly fly my way across the earth, where ever they need me." He flew off, only to be completely obliterated by the sun. Either that or it was a car, because it was pretty bright. Either way it was pretty funny. That story had brought a glistening, but very honorable tear to my eye. I had never felt that motivated to change the world. If only he had stayed a little longer to comply with what I had discussed with him. He knew though, in his super skull, that I was Doc Oc the whole time. That car, it was ME!!!!!!!! I killed super man. Yes it was ME!! ME ME ME ME MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sneep29 - December 4th, 2008

Anyone think I'm hot...?

New News...

Posted by Sneep29 - December 1st, 2008

Who cares, really...


Posted by Sneep29 - August 11th, 2008

I see that all you anime faggots are pissed off from my last post. Seriously guys, keep the comments coming so I may destroy you mentally.