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2009-02-25 17:19:21 by Sneep29

I hate Naruto Faggots. Examples for the clueless: Anything that has to do with naruto or naruto faggots in general. Your comments are welcome, except for naruto faggots. Do not argue with me, otherwise you will make both you and I (but it will greatly effect you rather having more power on me) look like idiots. If I see your page after a rude comment telling me I am wrong, I know that they will either have alot of gay movies and game's saved to their favorite feature, or you will have a very huge gay selection of horrible flash's that have to do with gay naruto, or in general gay anime flash's.


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2009-02-25 17:20:22


(Updated ) Sneep29 responds:

If you don't care, then why did you repsond in the first place?


2009-02-25 18:37:58!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! (not really...)

(Updated ) Sneep29 responds:

Why is it that you all respond when I put something intentionally hurtful. Yet when I put something stupid, nobody bothers to get mad at that as well. You all must find it really offensive.

On a side note, how the fuck do you all find my profile in the first place?