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Lol, no ones here.

2009-02-02 00:30:09 by Sneep29

Superman came to my house last week, and guess what he said. Only one with out sin shall cast horrible punishment upon the badness that is "bad people". So I told him that I was like, "Nah, it's
alright." I have way better things to do than back hand someone that deserves it. No one really responded to my post from a secret newgrounds account earlier though. I gave it about 5 minutes, and still no comment. You guys really don't travel far from newground blogs. If you are reading this one, cheers. The best rant/blog has just reached your precious little eyeballs. All of you reign doubt upon me, but is me that will shine upon glory's ending. You all doubt lots of people: Albert Einstien... Will you know that list isn't that long, but it is long enough for me to write about, because this is America. This is America damnit! This is the country that our founding fathers established and created with their tears, blood and sweat. For someone to shatter that beautiful glory shall be ashamed of themselves, and live completely in guilt, and embarrasment. I am no perfect person, but there should be no one to attack anyone for what they have done wrong. Yes, there shall be consequences, but that person should not be doubted on the account of what they done. No where does it say, "If a man has hurt someone, they must not recide here". No! They will be given the honor of doing a hard days work for a decent amount of money. That man who has worked will go home not with money, or sweat; He shall go home with PRIDE! So I ask you Super Man, do you think I am right for the job. He told me: "There will be others waiting for my appearance, as I slowly fly my way across the earth, where ever they need me." He flew off, only to be completely obliterated by the sun. Either that or it was a car, because it was pretty bright. Either way it was pretty funny. That story had brought a glistening, but very honorable tear to my eye. I had never felt that motivated to change the world. If only he had stayed a little longer to comply with what I had discussed with him. He knew though, in his super skull, that I was Doc Oc the whole time. That car, it was ME!!!!!!!! I killed super man. Yes it was ME!! ME ME ME ME MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2009-02-02 00:44:29

A couple years ago my mother put parental controls on the internet because she caught me watching gay porn, and usual masterbation wasn't having any effect. So I grabbed a garden rake from my garage and while my mother was at work I started anally penetrating myself with it (the dull side, silly.) I started out very slow just rubbing it around my rectum and then I penetrated a little deeper and step by step my anus loosened up.How I did it was I planted the rake against the wall propped up on the couch, then I stood on the couch and thrust my butt back into the rake. Eventually I was tired of it so I crunched all the edges of the (raking?) side together and stuck my anus ontop of it. It branched out and stuck into parts of my anus, drastically widening it. It felt very good, and I was almost at the point of orgasm and I decided to pull my anus out, but as I did it the sharp edges hooked into my rectum and ripped it. My rectum was stretched far back from my buttcheeks, completely dislodged and as I was in excrutiating pain I had to rip parts of my rectum just to make it come loose from the rake. Thats when my mother got home, and I had to run into my room and pretend I was sleeping. I was crying while in my bed, my anus bleeding heavily and poo running onto my bed. As soon as she went to sleep I went outside to our backyard lawn, because I knew she would hear me if I just went to the bathroom. I spent the night naked, under my porch, blood dripping from my anus and poo squirting out. It was the worst experience of my life. Before my mother woke, I snuck into the house and shoved a boxfull of cottonballs into my anus, making sure to get it nice and deep.

I went to school and it was wierd, but sort of kinky that my friends didnt know I had masterbated with a rake last night and I had bloody cotton balls shoved deep inside my anus while I hung out with them.

Thank me for fucking your mother, as without me you wouldn't exist.

(Updated ) Sneep29 responds:

Hm... Copied that from your blog. Shall we have a rigerous battle of wits, or a simple "How do you do?" comment. I am not sure what kind of little game your trying to play hear, but my large brain capacity seems to have the upper hand in this battle. I shouldn't be the one bragging, as your story was sad and very deep. I am not gay myself though sir. I will only converse with you in a non-akward conversation if you challenge me. Hopefully though you will not, because my moms close to coming home. Please, will you see your self to the back button. I refuse to read a very disturbing and very violent response from a man with a very equal (but very sickening) mind. I bid you good day, sir.

P.S.: You queer, you didn't think that I didn't catch that last remark. You are the biggest faggot to hit newgrounds to this very day. I am pretty sure that there is no lady tolerant enough to deal with your microscopic size of wiener. Now get the hell out, please.