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I lol'd

2008-08-11 19:01:24 by Sneep29

I see that all you anime faggots are pissed off from my last post. Seriously guys, keep the comments coming so I may destroy you mentally.


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2008-08-11 19:10:57

Destroy us mentally? Dumbass. :P

Sneep29 responds:

Yeah, destroy you mentally, dumbass.


2008-08-11 19:44:34

I tried to save it but alas, I failed. :(

Sneep29 responds:

LOL, whut


2008-08-12 00:26:01

Your a faggot, go die and burn in hell.

(Updated ) Sneep29 responds:

Too bad you are a anime faggot


2008-09-20 23:12:26

anime fagot is that your insult to everyone? come up with a new insult you anime fagot

Sneep29 responds:

I don't think faggots like you deserve any special treatment.